I wrote about the beauty of Vietnamese food here and one of my favourite dishes is Pho, a soup. Which is why I’m in love Pho Cafe.

The majority of the menu is gluten free.  However no nutritional information is available on the sight which is usually a red flag, however the authentic ingredients and assurance from the staff puts my mind at rest.  I know there were a few bloggers who have had some problems here, but I never had any issues and really enjoy eating here.

My favourite is the Pho Ga (chicken soup) and the beauty of this is in the customisation.  You’re given been sprouts, lime, chilli, and a bunch of herbs to make the flavour just right.

The only problem is looking like a loser sucking up noodles and trying to work the ladle and chopsticks next the the Vietnamese experts.  Worth it.

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 11.34.38

 Pho on Urbanspoon


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